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We’ve had a great time together making strides in our Christian growth and learning how to serve the Lord this summer! If you are interested, please join us for this upcoming summer of 2023! We’d love to have you!


Beginning the week of May 30th and culminating with Freshman Connect in September (9/16-17), this internship aims to inspire you with a vision for Christian service as we practically coordinate with staff and students to plan and execute events, design products, and build community. Also, you will get to experience the joy of making an impact on others’ Christian life. 

Leadership Council

Plan and execute events, design produces, contact incoming freshmen 

  1. Dates: May 30th – Aug. 22nd
  2. 1-hour group meetings every other week; sub-group meeting as needed

College Training

Get trained in Bible truth, spiritual life habits, and gospel service with fellow college students from all over the Midwest!

  1. Dates: July 20th – 24th
  2. Cost: $295
  3. Location: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Fall Outreach Team

Serve the Lord together reaching out to the incoming freshman class. Includes a weekend getaway, planning and prayer, and various outreach activities.

  1. Dates: Aug. 26th – Sep. 17th